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Interactive Mapmaking with Python

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  1. Introduction (2 mins)
    • Who am I?
    • Setting the expectations
  1. Working with Geodataframes (5 mins)
    • Reading Spatial data as a GeoDataframe
    • The awesomeness of GeoDataframes (An overview of some of the amazing things you can do with a single line of code eg: Spatial joins, Manipulations and transformations)
    • Now that we has established our love for geopandas lets map geodataframes
  1. Let the Mapmaking begin (10 mins)
    • Basic Non-Interactive maps with Geopandas and Matplotlib

    • Creating basic interactive maps with Folium, Plotly & Kepler (GeoJSONPlots, Clustermaps, Heatmaps, H3gridmaps)
      • Conforming geodataframes to a format accepted by these libraries (usually JSON or a list of lists)
      • Setting the right parameters for different plots
      • Jazzing up the maps with additional layers, custom styles, tooltips, popups, colors etc
      • Spatiotemporal Maps with + Jupyter for handling huge datasets with ease
      • Can we make it any easier ?
    • Why can't making interactive maps be as easy as gdf.folium.plot()?

  1. Enter Geopatra (8 mins)
    • The need for Geopatra (Could it be any Easier and Faster)
    • Wrapping up popular mapmaking libraries for GeoDataframes
    • Create interactive maps with just a single line
    • Future work and Discussion :)


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Fri Sep 4 17:10:00 2020 at Curlyboi

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