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Interactive Mapmaking with Python

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Introducing Geopatra for quickly creating amazing interactive maps with dataframes

GeoDataframes are awesome for working with GIS data in Python as it provides the goodness of pandas for geographic data but So let's use them to create some cool interactive maps

This talk introduces Geopatra, an open-source mapping library that can be used to quickly map geodataframes with libraries like folium,, plotly, etc. Currently interactive mapping with geodataframes is not very straighforward for beginners and requires you to understand the interfaces exposed by different mapping libraries. geopatra attempts to abstract all the complexities and tries to provide a unified framework for mapping geodataframes

  1. Introduction (2 mins)

    • Who am I?
    • Setting the expectations
  2. Working with Geodataframes (5 mins)

    • Reading Spatial data as a GeoDataframe
    • The awesomeness of GeoDataframes (An overview of some of the amazing things you can do with a single line of code eg: Spatial joins, Manipulations, and transformations)
    • Now that we have established our love for geopandas lets map geodataframes
  3. Let the Mapmaking begin (10 mins)

    • Basic Non Interactive maps with Geopandas and Matplotlib
    • Creating basic interactive maps with Folium, Plotly & Kepler (GeoJSONPlots, Clustermaps, Heatmaps, H3gridmaps)
    • The number of steps vs the number of necessary steps
  4. Enter Geopatra (10 mins)

    • The need for Geopatra (Could it be any Easier and Faster)
    • Wrapping up popular mapmaking libraries for GeoDataframes
    • Create interactive maps with just a single line
    • Future work and Discussion :)
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