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A hands-on introduction to TensorFlow 2.0. In this 3.5 hour tutorial, we will briefly introduce TensorFlow, then dive in to training neural networks. This tutorial is targeted at folks new to TensorFlow, and/or Deep Learning. Our goal is to help attendees get started efficiently and effectively, so they can continue learning on your own. Attendees will need a laptop with an internet connection, there is nothing to install in advance. Prerequisites: Prior machine learning experience is not assumed. We will do our best to introduce relevant concepts as needed. The goal of our tutorial is not to teach you everything you need to know, but to get attendees started and overcome any initial barriers so they can continue learning on their own.

Bio: Josh Gordon works on the TensorFlow team at Google, and teaches Applied Deep Learning at Columbia University. He has over a decade of machine learning experience to share. You can find him on Twitter at

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