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Lightning Talks 2017-07-12

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Lightning Talks 2017-07-12

Start Speakers Subject
1:30 Aaron Meurer Doctr - We built a better tool to push from TravisCI to GitHub Pages
6:30 Daniel Chen SciPy 2017 Notes - A github repo (scipy_2017_notes) of links and tutorial information from this conference.
7:15 Allen Downey Physical Modeling in Python - tinyurl,.com/modsimpy; writing a book and am looking for simple models to teach students.
8:45 Oliver Zeigermann How do Convolutional Neural Networks "See" - Techniques to visualize feature detection in the Insight neural network.
14:30 Sebastian Raschka Screenlamp - We made Hypothosis pipeline builder for experimental biologists, with database filtering steps. Based on BioPandas
20:00 Theodore Lindsay and Floris van Breugel FigureFirst - Make it easy to use MatPlotLib and Inkscape to build beautiful scientific figures.
26:00 Pamela Wu SynthPy: Real Answers for Fake Data -
31:45 Nick Murphy PlasmaPy - Beginning a community developed Python package for plasma physics.
34:00 Scott Collis Py-ART - Python ARM Radar Toolkit, exposing world of radar meteorology to SciPy stack. Taking comments on our roadmap.
36:45 Bill Spotz Using Jupyter to make Citations - The journey of using Jupyter notebooks to add real citations.
42:15 Jose Felipe Test support in Jupyter/Ipython through cell magics - Starting with iPython/Unittests, make unittesting in cells
47:45 Scott Cole Burrito Data Analytics - Specialized Visualization and data collection profiles in the quest for better burittos


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