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The Three Things All Web Professionals Must Know About Privacy


"The Three Things All Web Professionals Must Know About Privacy" by: Donata Stroink-Skillrud

Clients trust web professionals to build them a website that generates leads. An unfortunate side effect of lead generation is the collection of personal information. For example, a website that has a contact form that collects a name and an email address collects personal information. Laws require most websites that collect PI to have a Privacy Policy. Clients often look to web professionals to answer the questions “do I really need a Privacy Policy, and why?” The fact is that most web professionals should have some knowledge of why privacy is important, what websites need a Privacy Policy, and should be the ones speaking to their clients about the topic. In this talk, I will answer all of the above questions and empower web professionals to be true advocates for privacy and protection for their clients.

Recorded at the 2021 Python Web Conference (


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