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Maps with Django


"Maps with Django" by: Paolo Melchiorre

A map in a website is the best way to make geographic data easily accessible to users because it represents, in a simple way, the information relating to a specific geographical area and is in fact used by many online services.

Implementing a web map can be complex and many adopt the strategy of using external services, but in most cases this strategy turns out to be a major data and cost management problem.

In this talk we’ll see how to create a web map with the Python based web framework Django using its GeoDjango module, storing geographic data in your local database on which to run geospatial queries.

Through this intervention you can learn how to add a map on your website, starting from a simple map based on Spatialite/SQLite up to a more complex and interactive map based on PostGIS/PostgreSQL.

Recorded at the 2021 Python Web Conference (


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