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Let REST Do Rest: Deep Dive In GraphQL With Django


"Let REST Do Rest: Deep Dive In GraphQL With Django" by: Nisarg Shah

GraphQL is a query language and uses a schema based approach. It has only one endpoint and client can request the needed data. While building APIs, schema can be fixed and teams can work independently as the structure is fixed.

I will initiate my talk with some overview on GraphQL APIs and concepts of GraphQL. Following that, I will cover some core concepts which are required for developing some basic queries and mutations. Those concepts will include fields, object types, schema, resolvers, etc. Along with this, I will cover the N+1 problem of GraphQL queries and will look into a way to optimize the GraphQL queries for solving this problem.

Also versioning of GraphQL APIs is not similar to versioning of REST APIs, it’s quite different and interesting. Only updates of schema fields are needed. Many times GraphQL is used, but in some cases REST is preferred over GraphQL.

Recorded at the 2021 Python Web Conference (


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