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CI/CD Agility and Controlling Pipeline Sprawl


"CI/CD Agility and Controlling Pipeline Sprawl" by: Angel Rivera The adoption of CI/CD has automated the process of how DevOps teams build, test, and deliver software at rapid speeds and with high confidence. Although CI/CD platforms offer many benefits, in the attempt to make sophisticated pipelines, many teams run into the issue of “Pipeline Sprawl”. Pipeline sprawl makes it difficult for DevOps teams to identify and reuse common execution patterns which diminishes their ability to efficiently ship new code.

In this talk, Angel will discuss the common pain points associated with existing CI/CD platforms. The talk will pull in examples from his recent experience and conversations with DevOps teams from across the open source community, startups, and large enterprises. Attendees will learn technical strategies to develop optimized pipeline configurations and diminish potentially costly vendor-lock in.

Recorded at the 2021 Python Web Conference (


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