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DuckTyping, Metaclasses & Recursion: Bldg Generalized Deep Collection Type


"Duck Typing, Metaclasses, & Recursion: Building a Generalized Deep Collection Type" Quickly groking and working with deeply nested collections like combinations of dicts and lists (and sometimes other types too) is a common problem, whether it's trying to understand a data set, an API response, or detailed instructions or results from infrastructure as code. Let's talk about current solutions to the problem, their limitations, and how to make that all even easier. Let's talk about making a DeepCollection that can handle anything. Speaker: Joseph Nix

Joseph Nix is the CEO and a founder of Terminal Labs, a seasoned Python developer, and a scientist at heart with a background in astrophysics. He has created and maintained several open source projects. He has consulted on many DevOps, Data Science, and Python WebDev projects, and enjoys training other consultants and engineers. He is eager to make an impact in every project he’s involved in and in his community.


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