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Automating your Cloud Cost Analysis


"Automating your Cloud Cost Analysis" Public Cloud is often touted as a cheaper option, but the bills we get in the mail can be long and convoluted. For better or worse, any dollar spent in the cloud is a result of an architecture decision. This talk will give attendees a firm understanding of the relationship between the architecture and the invoice and the key metrics to keep an eye on.

We will cover: What is FinOps and why is it important Key metrics for measuring Cloud spend Automating Cloud Invoices Using Python, a SQL database, and FaaS, we can build a pipeline that automatically retrieves our invoice, and populates a searchable table to derive insights such as our top 5 most used services and biggest growing services. Attendees with small developers account to large multi-account deployments will better understand the impact of their architecture on their wallet. Speaker: Amy Arambulo Negrette

With fifteen years of industry experience, Amy Arambulo Negrette has built web applications for a variety of industries including Yahoo! Fantasy Sports and NASA Ames Research Center. One of her projects modernized two legacy systems impacting the entire research center and won her a Certificate of Excellence from the Ames Contractor Council. More recently, she built APIs for enterprise clients for a cloud consulting firms and led a team of Cloud Software Engineers. Amy has survived acquisitions, layoffs, and balancing life with two children.


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