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Stand Back!: Building a scientific computing lab on public clouds with Pytho


As a citizen scientist, you want to learn more, but you’re hitting the limits of your computer. In this live demo, we’ll use Python to build a data lab on a public cloud. We’ll use that infrastructure to explore public data, and we’ll learn a bit more about “the cloud” along the way.

Speaker: Laura Santamaria As a Developer Advocate at Pulumi, Laura Santamaria loves to learn and explain how things work, bridging the gaps in engineering disciplines. She is a cohost for The Hallway Track podcast, an organizer for DevOpsDays Texas and DevOpsDays Austin, and a co-host for Cloud Austin and Austin DevOps. Previously, Laura worked as a developer advocate at LogDNA and a software developer at Rackspace where, among other things, she owned Deconst, an open-source documentation delivery platform, and MC’ed Rackspace’s internal technical conference. Apart from work, she taught Python for Women Who Code Austin for many years and has been a returning program committee member for Open Source Summit. Outside of tech, Laura runs, plays with her dogs, throws discs, and watches clouds—the real kind.


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