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Keynote - Python Community Growth


Kojo Idrissa was an accountant who got an MBA and taught at university in two different countries. He's now a parent, software engineer, intercontinental keynote speaker, DjangoCon US organizer and the DEFNA North American Ambassador #NorAmGT. He's spoken at tech conferences about software engineering practices, spreadsheets, contributing to tech communities, Dungeons & Dragons, inclusion, and privilege.

He’s made a few small FLOSS contributions to CPython & Jinja, as well as Drupal (a LONG time ago). He’s also made contributions to Codecombat, where he helped others make their first OSS contributions, and PyVideo, where he updated the Tags section of the Contribution guide for their Data repo.

He is quite proud to have been awarded the 2018 Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize and continues to try to be worthy of it. You can find him online at or as @KojoIdrissa on Twitter. His Twitter handle makes NO sense because his account was hacked on 2019-12-09. While he REMAINS bitter about this, KPop and Overwatch help him feel better.


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