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Minimize Cloud costs through multicloud serveless applications


Let’s face it, Cloud isn’t as cheap as we thought, especially for non USA based companies. We can however take advantage of free tier usage from various providers. My talk will detail how this can be done. How to deploy, monitor and maintain serverless apps in various cloud providers and save.

Speaker: Erance Sendelani Magoro Customer-Centric, Passionate about Technology and Innovative. I have been involved in several exciting projects from the Architectural phase through to Production over the past 14 years. I have diverse experience across several industries including banking, health-care, finance, insurance and consulting houses. My "Can do" attitude coupled with good work ethic has earned me much respect from my peers and continues to do so. I am a self-taught technologist who never stops learning and improving. "Always aspiring to make today’s altitude a vantage point for tomorrows" is a personal motto I've always lived by.


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