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DRYDock Techniques for Not Repeating Yourself in Dockerfiles


You know how Dockerfiles tend to get copied around from one project to the next? It’s messy and bug-prone. Well I figured out how to stop doing that, and start treating Dockerfiles like the actual infrastructure-as-code libraries that they are. So can you!

Speaker: Micah Culpepper Six years ago, with a shiny new CCNA in my hand, I started my IT career as a network administrator. I taught myself some Python, and then things escalated quickly. Now I'm a devops engineer in the field of network automation. Python, Docker, and Linux are my usual tools, with a bit of Golang sprinkled in. I live in San Antonio with my wife and three cats. In my non-work hours, I enjoy baking bread, gardening, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. My pronouns are she/they.


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