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# TODO: Add Comments: 5 Tips for _Winning_ at Code Comments


This talk covers five unexpected pieces of advice for writing better code comments. From an editor change to some sound writing advice, it takes a brief journey into a few habits of successful commenters. Disclaimer: opinions ahead!

Documentation often gets paid lip service, and code comments almost always suffer the most. And yet they're often that last-moment savior during archeological expeditions into depths no longer known, unearthing obscure bugs or just trying to understand the foundation upon which to build something new.

Alas, we're all human, and thus oh so very fallible. And so we fall prey to habits which make the situation worse over time, usually little by little. We try to be heroes, but end up the very villains we bemoan.

"Okay, how can I do better?" you ask. In this talk we'll cover five simple things you can do to hack yourself into writing better comments.


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