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What's coming in Apache Airflow 2.0


Apache Airflow is one of the most popular Data processing orchestration engines. After a long line of 1.10.x releases in December we wil be quickly approaching 2.0 release. The release is not backwards compatible and it will contain many improvement and changes. This talk will outline the most important changes coming in Apache Airflow 2.0.

Jarek - as an Apache Airflow PMC member and one of the more active members of Apache Airflow community will talk about what is coming in Apache Airflow 2.0. The Apache Airflow 2.0 is not backwards compatible and the community puts a lot of effort into cleaning up, refactoring and improving the code and building functionaliities that are going to make life easier for the users of this - one of the most popular - orchestration engine for Data and Machine Learning processing jobs. Some of the most long-standing requests from the community, such as DAG serialisation to database and stateles webserver are only scratching the surface of what's coming in Airflow 2.0.

This talk will be targeted mainly for Apache Airflow users who would like to learn what can they do with the upcoming Airflow 2.0 as well as how to migrate to Apache 2.0 i painlessly. It will also be a unique opportunity to provide feedback on early versions of Apache 2.0 that will be available by then and discuss your proposals and questions with an Apache Airflow Commiter, so there will be plenty of time for questions - during and after the talk.


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