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In the service of the history. AI in archivistics.


A trillions of old photos are a valuable source of information about the past. Unfortunately most of them are not described sufficiently or at all. Imagine Artificial Intelligence as a friend of the archivist of the 21st century. This is the end of unlabeled photos epoch.

1839 is a data generally accepted as the birth year of practical photography. Since then mankind produced about 10 quadrillions of photos including 1 quadrillion only last year. This huge amount of unlabeled an undescribed data is a problem, if we want to obtain important information quickly and efficiently. Old photos are extremely valuable, because they contain a lot of data about the past. However some expertise and experience is needed to properly describe such images. What if we include all this knowledge into neural networks? Can AI become a friend of the 21st century archivist? Let’s talk about automatic image tagging and faces recognition in old photos.


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