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Using Scattertext and the Python NLP Ecosystem for Text Visualization


Scattertext is a Python package that lets you compare and contrast how words are used differently in two types of documents, producing interactive, Javascript-based visualizations that can easily be embedded into Jupyter Notebooks. Using spaCy and Empath, Scattertext can also show how emotional states and words relating to a particular topic differ.


Notebooks and presentation for this talk are available from

Motivation and introduction

  • What's the matter with word clouds?
  • How to read a plot made by Scattertext

How to make your own plots

  • Preparing a Pandas data frame with your data set
  • Plotting with Scattertext, and fine tuning plots for interpretability and speed

Scattertext and the Python NLP ecosystem

  • Visualizing emotions using Empath.
  • Using word vectors from spaCy and elsewhere see how topic-specific language differs.
  • Visualizing topic models from scikit-learn.


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