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Sirbarksalot Bark Detection in Python


Dachshunds are notorious barkers and my dogs are no exception. Using a spare webcam, the Facebook Messenger API, and some python code, I built a simple app for sending notifications when my dogs are barking. In this talk, I'll cover the methodology and some surprising things I learned about my dogs.


My wife and I have two dachshunds, Cody and Caylee. Cody in particular loves to bark and we do a lot to mitigate his barking when we are home. However, when we are at work, we have no idea how much barking he is inflicting on our neighbors. Out of curiosity for his daytime barking habits, I built an app that listens for barks and then sends a notification on Facebook. In this talk, I'll go over the methodology for bark detection from sample collection to creating a bark classifier. Then I will go over the basic structure of the app and the Facebook API component. Lastly, I'll discuss some interesting things I've learned about my dogs,


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