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How to be a 10x Data Scientist


Knowing the difference between your logistic and linear regression models or knowing how to train a model using a CNN won't make you a 10x data scientist, but there are other tips and tricks to becoming an even greater commodity to your employer than you already are. Bringing ideas from the developer community, I'll cover what you can do to increase productivity and level up your career.

Using basic principles from the world of software development, this talk will cover ideas on how to become a more productive data scientist. This includes common principles such as not reinventing the wheel by using API's and libraries instead of writing your own code, writing tests to future-proof your code and be your own QA, how to make your models available to team members regardless of what language they use, how to write your code for production, versioning and automation.

Data scientists will take away how they can become a 10x developer and increase their value and write better code by leveraging software developers common best practices.


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