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Data Visualization and Exploration with Python


Visualization is an essential method in any data scientist’s toolbox and is a key data exploration method and is a powerful tool for presentation of results and understanding problems with analytics. Attendees are introduced to Python visualization packages, Matplotlib, Pandas, and Seaborn. The Jupyter notebook can be downloaded at


Visualization of complex real-world datasets presents a number of challenges to data scientists. By developing skills in data visualization, data scientists can confidently explore and understand the relationships in complex data sets. Using the Python matplotlib, pandas plotting and seaborn packages attendees will learn to:

  • Explore complex data sets with visualization, to develop understanding of the inherent relationships.
  • Create multiple views of data to highlight different aspects of the inherent relationships, with different graph types.
  • Use plot aesthetics to project multiple dimensions.
  • Apply conditioning or faceting methods to project multiple dimensions


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