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Straight, White Males Should Advocate for Diversity


This is a talk for anyone who wants a more diverse engineering culture at work. If you've ever been frustrated by the sameness of your engineering peers, you'll hear practical advice you can use immediately. Diverse engineering teams recruit the best talent, are more innovative, better reflect the needs of their users and make for incredibly fun places to work.

Anyone can advocate for their engineering department to be more inclusive of diverse genders, races and backgrounds. It's not a "woman problem", a "gay problem" or a "minority problem" - it's a community problem.

Measure - You need data to measure progress, and the first step is knowing how diverse your group really is. Fund - Getting the funds and providing logistical support to host meetups for diverse groups in your city Raise - Raise your hand and let your company's management know that the issue is important to you and to your colleagues. Call Out - When you hear something misogynistic, homophobic or racist, say so. Don't let the responsibility fall solely on the group of people targeted. Recruit - Actively recruit for diversity in your department.

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