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Pandas, Data Wrangling & Data Science


PyData SF 2016 Krishna Sankar | Pandas, Data Wrangling & Data Science

Let us explore Pandas from a Data Science perspective, mainly data exploration & feature extraction. In the process we will also ponder Data Science pragmas. We start with Pandas fundamentals and then move on to analyzing datasets. If you want to follow along, have a working iPython, download the notebooks at and the data. Run PreFlightCheck.ipynb.

  • Data Wrangling & Data Science Pipeline
  • Pandas – APIs & Namespaces
  • Pandas – Basic Maneuvers
  • Hands-on : Titanic Dataset
  • Pandas – Data Wrangling – Transformations, Aggregations & Join
  • Hands-on : NW Dataset, State Of The Union Speeches & Debates, Recsys-2015 Data
  • Q & A


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