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Data Science & Data Visualization in Python. How to harness power of Python for social good?


Python as an Open Data Science tool offers many libraries for data visualization and I will show you how to use and combine the best. I strongly believe that power of data is not only in the information & insight that data can provide us, Data is and can be really beautiful and can not only transform our perception but also the world that we all live in.


In my talk I will primarily focus on answering/offer the answer to these questions:

  • Why we need data science and why more and more people should be really interested in analyzing data and data visualization? (motivation)
  • What is data science and how to start doing it in Python? (introduction of procedures, tools, most popular IDE-s for Python, etc.)
  • What tools for data analysis and data visualization Python offers? (in each stage of analysis the best libraries will be shown for the specific purpose; as for data visualization we will focus particularly on Bokeh, Seaborn, Plotly and use of Jupyter Notebook and Plotly)
  • How to 'unlock' the insight hidden in data through Python and how to use it to transform not only public administration or business, but ultimately the transformation of the whole society and economy towards the insight & knowledge based? (potential of data science)
  • Open Data, Open Government Partnership, Open Public Administration & all the advantages of Open Data Science & Python. Data-Driven Approach. Everywhere. Now. (the end of talk +vision)
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