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Optimizing Python programs, PyPy to the rescue


In this talk I want to show how you can use PyPy for your benefit. It will kick off with a short introduction covering PyPy and its just in time compiler. PyPy is the most advanced Python interpreter around and while it should generally just speed up your programs there is a wide range of performance that you can get out of PyPy.

Throughout the talk some developer statements and big applications will motivate why PyPy is a viable option to optimize your Python programs. In addition I will present the companies value after switching to PyPy.

The first part, will cover considerations why one should write Python programs, and only spend fractions of the development time to optimize your program. The second part of this session will be about this small part of time: in cases where you need it, I'll show tools that help you inspect and change your program to improve it. We will also dive into one tool more elaborately. VMProf, a platform to inspect your program while it is running, imposing very little overhead.

As a result of this talk, an audience member should be equipped with tools that helps him to understand performance issues and optimize programs.


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