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From a Python beginner to a Django developer in 6 months


Between the vision for a web application and the deployment, a noob has to learn many details about Django and the ecosystem of tools that support it. Four years ago I thought python was a snake, Django a gypsy musician and Celery was to be eaten with tzatziki. Today I have a geographically-enabled Django webapp in production. I will very briefly introduce the essential ecosystem of Django packages (South, Celery or GeoDjango) which are necessary to get started. However, the focus of the talk is on ways a noob can learn Django, interact with the community and quickly turn their ideas into real web apps. Python/Django is one of the best documented programming languages; but it takes some time to learn how to navigate docs, blogs, apps, snippets and user groups. I'll show newbies how to quickly accelerate in Django.


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