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Python for Threat Intelligence


For many of us, writing code isn't our job - but we do it anyways. We're not software engineers, and balancing the two isn't easy, but we make do. Because with just a few lines of Python, we can automate the boring, tedious work and enable ourselves to tackle the really hard problems. This is especially true in threat intelligence, where analysts help defenders make informed decisions to protect themselves and their businesses against the security incidents happening every single day.

How do major hacks happen, who's responsible, and why? Come and learn about the world of threat intelligence, why we ask these questions, how we answer them, and - most importantly - the Python tools we've built along the way. See how we approach development on a team without any developers, balance process with productivity and enable success at scale. This one is for all the scripts out there helping us do our jobs, and for all the part-time developers who write them. Enjoy!


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