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Lightning Talks 2

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Agenda of Lightning Talks - Hosted by Dustin Ingram and Lorena Mesa

Aakanksha Chouhan - Moulding Data for ML

Andres & Denny - PyCon Latam the conference you don't want to miss

Cristián Maureira-Fredes - Python Chile and its first PyCon!

Dia-ning Yudono - Parametrizing tests with unittest and pytest

Gregory M. Kapfhammer - Committing to Writing Good Commit Messages: Supporting the Creation of Human and Machine-Readable Commit Messages with Python

Rumanu - Save Sheldon, in 5 minutes!

Sebastian Witowski - 9 Jupyter notebook tricks for your next Advent of Code

Dhananjay Jindal - f-Strings: How cool are they?

Grey Li - FastAPI Seems Good, so Why Don't We Build Something Similar For Flask?

Jeremy Gibson - direnv will change your life... maybe.

Jürgen Gmach - How to Maintain Many, Many, Many, Many... Many Git Repositories?


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