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Lightning Talks Friday 2018-05-11


Lightning Talks
Time Speaker Title
00:40 Katie Cunningham You need a hobby
05:01 Łukasz Langa Black
10:05 Sage Sharp Outreachy
14:44 Joshua Lowe Edublocks
18:07 Mahmoud Hasemi Restructuring Data in Python
23:00 Quang Wu Python code style for blind programmers
28:50 Alex Rosengarten Music from chaos: Audiofying the Lorenz Attractor
34:05 Sahuna Gordon-McKeon Legacies of disruption
39:02 Travis Oliphant More sustainable Open Source!
42:07 James Powell Code or die
48:56 Scott Shawcroft Circuit Python
51:57 Sean Harrington Hacking on 23&Me and DbSNP
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