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Lightning talks May 21th, 2017 Morning session


Lightning Talks 2017-05-21 Morning

Start Speakers Subject
0:45 Pan and C. Lin ZulipBot - Improving GitHub Workflow - Add Issue Assignment, better Notifications, and other improvements to GitHub.
6:15 Lennart Your Keyboard: Your Most Important Tool - Eliminating angle issues and space problems with angled, tenkeyless keyboards, stretches, and more keyboard geekery.
11:30 Hugh Herter Live code reloading in Python - Using the module autoreload to watch and reload during debugging.
16:00 Don Goodman-Wilson Pascal's Wager and You - Pascal's Wager on the Existence of God is equivalent to wagering about a debilitating hack.
20:15 Paul Ganssle Time Zone Tools - Looking at datettime, tzinfo, dateutil and pytz, common errors, and timezone geekery.
25:30 Paul & Laura State of - Current website, traffic, and users.


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