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Lightning talks May 20th 2017 Morning session


Lightning Talks 2017-05-20 Morning

Start Speakers Subject
0:15 James Powell penv: a stupid (but useful?) tool - A teaser for a script to replace virtualenv.
5:45 Amber Brown Falsehoods Developers Have About Identity - Human identities have complexities, including changing names, different forms and surname orders, changing timezones and country names. Developers should not make assumptions.
11:15 Jelle Zijlstra Fun with Type Annotations - Python has type annotations, which aids documentation and restructuring and also provides an oportunity to contribute to open source.
14:15 Mark Kohdev Music Data, Metadata, and Morrrreeeee - Spotify has a lot of free metadata about music.
18:45 Nate Smith Tildetown - is an intentional digital community accessible over SSH. Non-commercial.
24:00 Patrick Laban What do we hate? Time Zones! - Time zones are weirdly set up, e.g., daylight savings, Indian reservations, China, offsets by crazed weasels, and strange compromises. They are insane - don't roll your own timezone code.


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