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Lightning talks May 19th, 2017 Evening session


Lightning talks 2017-05-19 Evening

Start Speakers Subject
0:55 Katy Emoji Archeology 101 - A lightning talk cover - A call to revolution against the Unicode emoji.
5:55 Daniel Whitenack Taking Over the Data World with Containerized Python - Using Kubernetes cluster with Pachyderm.
11:20 Fang-Pen Lin Bugbuzz - A modern web-based debugger for Python - Adding just a couple lines triggers a web based debugger with basic functionality. Uses PubNub.
16:45 Kojo Idrissa Software Engineering for Beginners - Focus on common tools like version control, in-code documentation, testing & TDD, dependency management & deployment, and finally OS stuff.
21:50 Cameron Dershem Community Level Development: What Python Should Learn From Rust - Please learn From Rust. Rust is the best community. Devs are on chat and enforce good attitude; cool thank you page; roadmap; 'how should this be taught' section in RFCs; mentorship for starter maintainers; great opensource book.
26:30 Al Sweigart How to Do PyCon - Skip talks and meet people; use shirt trick; don't eat alone; Twitter is great for followup.
31:53 Myron Walker Faking Python Imports - Fake for modules and callables not available on test environment. Use directory of local fakes.
35:12 Vince Salvino Help Wanted: A PyPI Vulnerability DB - Like WPScan, it would be nice to a central DB and tool for known PyPI security issues. Talk to me.
37:50 Lev Konstantinovskiy Same Content, Different Words - Is 'Ice cream' the same as 'Gelato' in different reviews? Use Word Mover's Distance in GenSim to find out.
43:20 Mario Randomize Your Decisions - We spammed ourselves by having too many alerts, had hacked users, bugs everywhere, bad SEO. Still, it was worth making a website.
48:30 Tim Head Bayesian Optimization: Coffee - Tweak settings with Bayesian Optimization, easily. Made scikit-optimize with simpler calls than scikit- learn.
53:35 Meg Ray Teaching Python to Children - Use both teacher pedagogy and developer technical skills to train K-12 teachers.


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