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Plenary: Saturday Evening Lightning Talks


Saturday Evening Lightning Talks

(00:00) Jacob Kaplan-Moss - Introduction

(00:30) Guido van Rossum - PSF community service awards

(02:42) Ka-Ping Yee - Using to test your web apps

(07:35) Ayman Hourieh - Python debugging techniques

(12:28) Robin Mills - Geo-tagging and Phatch

(17:30) Allen Short - Big brother's design rules

(21:25) David Goodger - PyCon swag

(25:00) David Ewing - Python in tiny embedded systems for the Smart Grid and beyond

(30:15) Dmitry Jemerov - Introducing PyCharm

(33:50) Dirkjan Ochtman - PEP 385: hg conversion

(37:30) Jesse Noller - Python: Hell Yeah.


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