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Plenary: Friday Evening Lightning Talks


Plenary: Friday Evening Lightning Talks

(00:00) Jacob Kaplan-Moss - lightning talk about lightning talks

(03:50) Van Lindberg - What an Open Source Lawyer Actually Does

(09:40) Greg Wilson - The Next Big Programming Book and How You Can Make it Happen (

(14:25) Moshe Zadka - Don't Write Big Applications (more info here)

(19:35) Ned Batchelder - What's new in (,

(25:10) Mike Maccana - Python Docx ( docx/)

(29:25) Trent Mick - ActiveState Code v3/Python Cookbook v3 (

(34:40) Daniel Holth - Writing a SQLAlchemy Dialect

(37:30) Dave Malcolm - Better Ways of Debugging the CPython Runtime

(43:00) David Huggins-Daines - Recognizing Speech With Python (

(48:00) Lucio Torre - Ubuntu One and Windows

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