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Learning Hosting Best-Practices From WebFaction (#57)


Learning Hosting Best-Practices From WebFaction

Brandon Craig Rhodes (Rhodes Mill Studios, Inc.)

The rise of WebFaction has been dramatic in the world of Python-friendly hosting services. What are the secrets to getting the most out of their features? From the point of view of a customer with no other affiliation with WebFaction — as a customer advising other customers — this talk offers lessons learned in using WebFaction to host everything from lone static content to multiple Python web applications and services co-existing together. WebFaction uses some unique techniques to support both user-local and application-local Python packages. Should you use their special installation techniques, or install and use virtualenv on your own initiative? Learn the trade-offs, and learn how not to get yourself in trouble while running easy_install on WebFaction, my favorite hosting service.

[VIDEO HAS ISSUES: Audio slightly clipping]


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