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Debating 'til Dawn: Topics to keep you up all night (#183)


Debating 'til Dawn: Topics to keep you up all night

Mike C. Fletcher (VRPlumber Consulting Inc.)

PyCon is about staying up all night hacking. When you're tired, you don't sleep, you debate ideas with your sprint-mates! This presentation will attempt to condense the best of the last few years of PyGTA into a 30-minute jumping off point full of wild assertions, unreasonable assumptions, and just plain wrong-headed ideas to kick-start those heated discussions that just keep going long into the night. What are your programming mantras? What million-dollar ideas do you have to improve Python? Should there be programmer liability? Is there art in programming and should there be? Are you a cowboy coder or an straight-laced engineer? Is PyCon really about staying up all night discussing ideas? We'll have a feedback channel to share your thoughts, we'll keep it moving, and we'll see if we can't make this the most sleepless PyCon yet.


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