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Setting up a camera trap for nature with the Raspberry Pi


Take incredible snaps of the wildlife in your garden or school

I was annoyed and frustrated with the cost of setting up a video stream of nature at school. It can be a couple of hundred pounds to set up a live bird box. A wonderful resource but can be prohibitively expensive for schools, so I had a go at doing it myself. I decided to set up some camera traps using a few Raspberry Pi computers and I was really amazed at how easy it was and how brilliant the results where. It turns out I have badgers at the bottom of my garden! I now have several set up including an auto tweeting camera on a bird feeder (@pibirdbrain) and a few at school including a pond cam where we've managed to get some really great and close up pics of tadpoles and newts.

I want to show others how easy it is to get going (you don't need to be an expert), that it's really cheap and fantastic fun.


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