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Python at Ordnance Survey


How does a National Mapping Agency use python to help map Great Britain.

Meet Ordnance Survey (OS), the national mapping agency of Great Britain with a wealth of data going back centuries, and now looking forward into the geospatial age. Most people know us for our paper map products of popular walking and hiking destinations, but the main resource we have is from digital data such as MasterMap – the most detailed topographic map of Great Britain.
But where does Python come into all this, you ask? In many areas across the business Python is a key language, particularly within our data science and research teams. We use Python to automate processes as well as discover more about our data and infer from our existing products. Python automates the quality measures of our data and products as well as geoprocessing of those products. All of our deep learning research is carried out using python libraries such as keras, tensorflow and quiver. So come along to find out more about Python at OS and particularly about our deep learning work and investigation of models trained on aerial imagery – including demonstrations.


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