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MyNormal: Accessible Instruments Project


Representing disabled voices in the music industry

We are an engineer and a musician who were brought together by our desire to give a voice to those underrepresented in the music industry. We sought to give disabled individuals high quality music and technology opportunities. Through the MyNormal project at Ark T Centre, we developed workshops and Hackathons around building accessible instruments. Inspired by Imogen Heap's gloves, we use micro:bits, Makey-Makeys, laptops, speakers, bananas, and cubes to empower individuals to interact with music in ways they've never done before. ScienceOxford is supporting the project, lending kit, equipment, and machine time.

Project leaders are Hannah Bruce, Youth Music Project Manager at the Ark T Centre and bassist of Death of the Maiden; Noelle Aly, Projects Technology Officer and Maker at ScienceOxford.


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