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Cerberus - Data Validation for Humans


Nicola Iarocci

Soon or later in their career, every programmer has to deal with data validation. Be it a web, desktop or mobile application, you just cannot avoid data validation. A robust, powerful yet easy-to-use data validation library can be a valuable tool in your toolset.

Cerberus is a lightweight and extensible open source data validation library for Python. It provides type checking and other validation, transformation and normalisation rules out of the box and it is designed to be easily extensible and customized. During Beta, which has been around since 2012, Cerberus has been serving as the core validation system for the Eve REST Framework and other open source projects. Just recently the project has hit version 1.0, with many new features and enhancements added.

In this talk I will introduce the project, illustrate some real-life use cases, and show how easily it can be extended and customised to meet the most diverse needs.


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