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Analyse Yourselves


Abstract: In today's mundane usage of digital services, from ecommerce to day- to-day email, one might imagine that we generate a considerable amount of data. We access the internet, our phones are constantly generating information and sharing that with services, sometimes without us being total aware of such, and even our household appliances are starting to become more and more self sufficient and connected, the so called internet of things or internet of everything. Can we start getting in control of that data? What tools do we have available to start getting a sense of what's the size/shape/kind of data that we generate? Where does it come from and where do we send it to? Although the talk title might suggestion topics around introspection and psychoanalysis we are not going to get into that (not in psychological ground at least) but we will look into in which ways could we build small sets of applications that could give us a better sense of our digital footprint and content that flows at our broadband connection. We will be analysing samples of email, internet traffic, webapps and mobile apps data connections and inflows.

Learning objectives: Use simple python libraries we will be looking into what we can do tap on our devices and keep track of our digital inflows like scapy and httplib2 Tools available to analyse and store and this data, mostly around pandas and mongodb Libraries to present and visualize this information like seaborn and matplotlib Tools for predictive analytics like anaconda.

This is practical session where we will be discussing some of these general aspects of the data crossing "our pipes" and what we can do with that to learn a bit more of ourselves or which type of interactions do we do in a quantifiable manner.

We will be using quantifiable and measurable traffic from several different feeds including your facebook timeline, twitter feeds, email and internet traffic.


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