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Writing a good frontend test cases using RobotFramework


This talk is a short talk about how a simple Gherkin-styled Python based Robotframework could be used to write test cases. It covers the brief installation using python envwrapper - an environment isolation package and simply showing 2 python scripts which is usable with Robotframework and 1~2 Robotframework's keyword-based testing. It will also cover some important inbuilt functions in Robotframeworks such as sending out keystrokes to the System and using some other libraries to help and make front-end testing a much more awesome experience. Another part of the talk would be describing a single keyword base and some yaml scripts to make the test-cases more reusable.

Name's Min Khant Zaw. I am Computer Science student who is enthusiastic about mostly near-to-the-metal stuff. I mostly code in C++, Java and Python but I use C++ the most because I like playing around with Algorithms. I am also the President of the IT Society in my campus and had organized over 10 events for the Computer Science students. I mostly spent my time listening to British Synth Pop and spitting out all the crappy codes I can come up with in Sublime Text.


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