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Teaching and Learning with Python


This talk will feature discussions of how Python can be used to teach principles of computer science but it isn't limited to educators. Learning about learning is an increasingly important skill in today's world of rapidly evolving technology. I will share my experience teaching computer science and computer programming starting with being a part of the team that changed my university's Intro to Programming course from using C++ to Python. Then, I'll share tools I've used to engage students in Python programming including and Raspberry Pi and run through some of the lessons I've taught with them. I'll also discuss education best practices and how learners can apply them to their own self-education.

I'm an educator with a background in computer science. I've worked as a firmware engineer at a large corporation and as a software developer at a small firm and taught at innovative high schools teaching mathematics and CS. I'm currently teaching at an international school in Bangkok. I am part Thai but born and raised in America in the state of Kentucky.


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