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Python for Life Sciences


Python has gained increasing popularity among bioinformatics researchers and practitioners. In this talk, I will explain how Python is being used to decipher the language of Life. The talk is divided into three parts. In the first part, I will briefly describe how biological molecules (e.g. DNA, Protein) are represented in computer programs. In the second part, I will present key Pythonic software tools in bioinformatics. Finally, in the third part, I will talk about two Biological data analysis tasks solved with Python, namely molecular sequence analysis and molecular structure analysis.

I am a researcher who loves using Python. My current interests include bioinformatics, question answering systems, chatbots, and deep learning. I have been using Python since 2008. My first Python project is the development of multi-threaded Pythonic web crawler using Stackless Python and PostgreSQL. In 2013, I have started collaborating with biochemists and helped them analyzing biological data by using Python as the main language. I speak Thai, English, and also some Japanese. :-)


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