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Introduction to serverless Python with AWS Lambda


Just a Python function. That's all we usually need to answer web requests, to process uploaded images or to have our chatbot reply to chat messages. To run a Python function, you don't want to create and maintain a server. Instead, you want FaaS: Functions-as-a-Service! In my talk, I'll explain the idea and power of FaaS. We'll also consider potential challenges and limitations to be aware of. Persisting data and pricing are obvious ones, but you likely might want to organize your code differently, too, if you want to build an entire app on FaaS and think about versioning, too. Finally, I'll demo how to answer an HTTP request with a AWS Lambda function, for example to build a chatbot or answer a SMS.

You are smart, motivated and have a unique perspective -- that's my premise as CTO of engageSPARK Originally I'm from Berlin, and have worked there for a couple of years, but for the past three years I've served at engageSPARK in Cebu, Philippines, and enjoy almost every minute of it. CTO means being team lead, architect, coder and coach. I find challenge and joy in all these roles. On the tech-side, I work mostly with Python and Golang, but secretly enjoy languages with the odd super power like LISP. I use Emacs, and highly respect Vim power-users, because they're so incredibly fast. I try to live purposefully and deliberately. That's why I joined engageSPARK as the first opportunity Labs company. Let me know how I can help you live your life well. Oh, and if ever you find yourself in Cebu, do say Hi! (For example on LinkedIn or at muratk[@my company's] . We have a desk and Internet for you, if you're willing to share some of your knowledge and uniqueness. :) In any case, always glad to help out with sightseeing tips and a cold beverage.


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