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Introduce syntax and history of Python from 2.4 to 3.6

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I think we began to use Python in some production systems at 2.3 or 2.4. I think Python 2.4 had enough functionality to build any system. Many tools ware created and used. Python 2.4 was released nearly 15 years ago. Since then Python has been steadily evolving. Although it is possible to create a system with only Python 2.4, it is necessary to know the latest Python trends in order to write code that is better, more maintainable, and more performance-oriented. There are also features and grammar in the web knockout that are often overlooked, not only by new python users, but also by seasoned Python veterans. I will introduce those features and grammar that I think are important while comparing the grammar and functions incorporated in Python 2.4 and now.

Manabu is the founder and CEO of CMS Communications Inc., a Tokyo-based professional Plone and Python development company. Manabu has contributed east Asian language functions to Plone. He has been Board chair of PyCon Japan and is a core member of the Japan Plone Users Group. He was Guest Associate Professor of Hitotsubashi University in 2011, and he became a PSF Contributing member in September 2017.


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