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CoderDojo - a free programming club for kids


For many of us, programming wasn't something we studied in the classroom but a passion driven by curiosity, a love for technology and the urge to share. CoderDojo takes these principles and combines them into a self-directed learning environment. This talk covers the overall structure and concepts of CoderDojo, why you should set one up, lessons learned after operating CoderDojo for a year and why community-driven education is the future.

Mishari has been using Linux since 1994, coordinator with the distributed computing effort to break RC5-56 in 1997, built Thailand's largest Renderfarm for the animation Khan Kluay where he also started using Python. Currently his obsessions are: * Delivering Systems as a Service at Proteus Ops * Homeschooling his kids (and fixing education) * Organizing Bangkok Scientifique, a monthly meetup for people interested in science and technology * Co-Founder of CoderDojo Thailand * Co-Founder of SciDojo Thailand, a support network for parents who want to build a science culture in their household * OpenstreetMap contributor * Cycling


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