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Queick: A simple job-queue system for Python – Ryota SUENAGA (PyCon Taiwan 2021)


Day 1, 10:05-10:35


In this talk, I introduce the concept of a job queue system named Queick that I individually developed, its internal architecture, and comparison with other job queue systems. Queick is a simple job queue system for Python. The main features are; 1. only std libraries are used 2. in-memory data store 3. retry when network connection available Queick stands on the idea of "Deadly Simple", thus, it is made of only standard libraries. This talk includes 4 topics. First, the overview of Queick and its application. Second, the general architecture of a job-queue system. Third, the design and the internal implementation of Queick. In the end, I will explain my OSS development experience. You will get the following knowledge through my presentation; general features and architecture of a job-queue system and things to be aware of when multi-thread programming is needed by using Python.


Queick is published at Also, there is a post at (

I will give my audience not only Queick specific information like my effort and my hardships, but also general information about job-queue system. Actually, the main point of my presentation is a comprehension of job-queue system through my explanation of Queick architecture.

Slides not uploaded by the speaker. HackMD:

Speaker: Ryota SUENAGA

asmsuechan. A software developer working for M3, Inc. in Tokyo, Japan. 实际上,我会说一点儿中文。


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