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The Python Spirit Behind LED Glasses (LED 眼鏡背後的蟒蛇魂)


Day 1, R0 10:50–11:20

In 2017, the music band "21 Band" got some fascinating LED glasses that look very good on stage. Besides the built-in pattern from the glasses, we also hacked into them and made some changes. The glasses are connected to a computer, and so is the keyboard. A program is written to detect different notes or chords, and triggers different LED patterns. In this talk we will share how it is achieved, the problem that we encountered, improvements that we made, and talk about some future works.

2017 年,21 樂團因緣際會獲得了舞台效果十足的 LED 眼鏡。除了 LED 眼鏡內建的 pattern 之外,我們更改裝了部分的程式,讓眼鏡可以和鍵盤手的鍵盤串接,透過一個偵測程式來啟動、結束不同的 pattern。本演講將和各位分享這是如何達成的,我們碰到的問題、隔年的改善,以及未來的展望。


Speaker: Chiung-ting Chen

Python 愛好者,平常多使用 Django 或 Tornado 開發各式各樣專案


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