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Keynote: Programming Language Tourism: Leave Python and see the world!


Day 2, 09:25–10:25

Programming languages are places. The idea of abandoning the convenience and familiarity of your primary coding language might seem anything from tedious and inconvenient to scary and stressful. But, switching to an alternative other than your primary development language -- especially when such a challenge is not a requirement -- can be both fun and productive. You will likely grow your abilities as a developer and gain new perspective that is currently beyond your reach. Let's push out of our comfort zone together to leave Python and voyage to a different language! We will go into details about why and how we can do that, along with some possible destinations. Upon our return, we will see -- and appreciate -- Python in a different light. Plus, we can use the justifications for our departure to entice and welcome folks from other language communities to visit us in the land of the snake.


Speaker: Paul Ivanov

Paul Ivanov is a member of the Jupyter Steering Council and a senior software engineer at Bloomberg LP working on IPython- and Jupyter-related open source projects. Previously, Paul worked on backend and data engineering at Disqus; was a code monkey at the Brain Imaging Center at UC Berkeley, where he worked on IPython and taught at UC Berkeley’s Python bootcamps; worked in Bruno Olshausen’s lab at the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience; and was a PhD candidate in the Vision Science program at UC Berkeley. He holds a degree in computer science from UC Davis.


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